Saltair Beaches and Access

TThanks to Saltair very active Parks Commission, we are endowed with solid and safe wood and concrete staircase structures to access our rugged natural beaches.

Low tides Beaches

  • Low tides give room for peaceful walks and tranquil enjoyment of Saltair serene coastal water atmosphere. Beach pebbles formed by the weathering of older stones on shores offer a variety of shapes and color. The elegance of natural white Oyster shells will make you stop to have a closer look! Tempted by ocean water? How about a swim. With our low-sloped seafloor, warmer waters offer some native swimming areas in the summer time.
  • High tides may bring water levels quite high and thus make the beach  disappear entirely. Even when the Ocean tides are there making walking tricky before you go back up the stairs, why not sitting there for a minute? Enjoy the sound of rolling waves, unlock your creativity and imagination by taking memorable pictures.

To plan your visit, look up tide times and charts. Here is a good link: tide forecast for Ladysmith/Saltair area.


Saltair beaches are not equipped with designated safe swimming areas and there no facilities other than the stairs. There are washrooms available at Saltair Centennial Park (2 minutes). Families with young children will find a waterpark playground at Ladysmith’s Transfer Beach (5 minutes drive). Please do not liter and bring back all waste with you.

There are limited parking spaces. Please make sure to park where permitted. Please respect the neighborhood and residents, keep noise levels low and pay attention to signage.

Saltair Five Beach Access

  • Skinner Rd – 26 steps
  • South Oyster Rd – 63 steps
  • Bazan Rd – 58 steps
  • Cliffcoe Rd – 87 steps
  • Solmie Rd – 18 steps

More information

To get to know more about Saltair Beaches and Parks, visit the excellent Saltair website.