Breakfast to go – two options

How about having your breakfast to go? See also our “à la carte” full service breakfast.

We offer two options:

breakfats skewer to go

  • Skewers to go ($7.50 + tx)

    1 Croissant + 2 turkey and cheese skewers + organic juice + Kashi 7-grain bar

    Ingredients: fresh Natural turkey, Monterey Jack (lactose free), and grape organic tomatoes


    Food safety: please eat within 2 hours or refrigerate for later consumption (24 hours)


  • Sweet crepe to go ($5.00 + tx): 

    Your choice of sweet crepe (sugar, strawsberry, nutella, honey, rhubarb) decorated with a seasonal fruit. See here for an example of sweet crepes to go

And sure, we can prepare a combo with both the skewers to go and the sweet crepe ($12.50+tx)
Let us know your choice when you make your reservation so we can source fresh products as needed!