Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse – January 20

Sunday evening, the weather cooperated and we were able to see a moon show. It was a super blood wolf moon combined with a total lunar eclipse.

The photos were taken from the deck of the Coastal Lavender B&B.

Supermoon is not an official astronomical term. It is used to refer to a full moon 90 percent or closer to perigee.
A more accurate and scientific term is “perigee syzygy.” Syzygy is the alignment of three celestial bodies, in this case the Sun, Moon and Earth. But that doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as easily as supermoon. (source Nasa)

Best Whale and wildlife watch tours in our area – Ocean Ecoventures in Duncan

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Comes highly recommended.  Office is located in Duncan only a short drive from the coastal lavender B&B.


Another beautiful day in Saltair

Another beautiful day in Saltair. Sailing boats and tugs navigate our coastal waters. Bald eagle is at the top of its preferred tree. The view from our deck is unobstructed showing the gulf islands of Penelakut, Thetis and rocky mountains in the background capped by snow. All make our quaint community pretty unique, relaxing and a wonderful place to discover.