North Cove Oysters and Clams – Limberis in Ladymith

Limberis  Seafood Processing has a small retail counter and offers fresh oysters and clams for an unbeatable price. Evelyn (on the photo) is quite happy to bring back fresh oysters home and curious on how to cook them.

We visited this morning and enjoyed talking to Kath, the plant manager. Very welcoming, she gave us useful information on the growing cycle of Oysters.

We could see a pile of oyster shells and also the ocean area where juvenile oysters are grown for their first year and can be seen at low tides. Quite an interesting site to visit that can be a great place to see while kayaking in the Ladysmith harbour area in the summer.

They also have all sort of very interesting information on their website about the clam depuration process and the husbandry techniques. It shows they care for the environment and work hard to seek modern sustainable ways to grow oysters and clams that we can all benefit from.

Back home, we simply pan fried the oysters and had a delicious lunch. We will also have to try some of great recipes provided in the Limberis website!

Thanks Kath and all the team. We wish you all the best.